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The Best Food for Dogs

A dog was the first animal to be domesticated by man. Man and the dog inter-depended on each other. The dog provided man with safety and helped in hunting and return, man, provided the dog with food.A special relationship between husband and dog grew over time and dog has grown to become man’s best friend at all times.

Over time, dogs have been cross breed thus bringing about different breeds of the dog. It is our role as dog owners to feed our dogs. There exist dog foods that are made and sold by big and renowned companies.

Feeding dogs have grown for as far as human can remember.A the dog has shown acceptance to both flesh and plants. Before Eighteen hundred, dog supplies had not yet been commercially manufactured. Spratt’s patent Limited was the first Company to produce dog food commercially. Dogs are severely affected by some foods.Examples of dangerous foods that should not be fed to dogs include chocolate, onion and garlic, grapes and raisins and others.
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Dogs react to repel most meats. Beef chicken and lamb are some of the flesh that causes an allergic reaction. Doctors have found out that most allergic reactions are mostly gotten from the environment and not the foods. Wet and dry foods are the most commercially produced dog foods. The packaging foods standards of dogs corresponds to those of people. Multi walled paper bags are used to package dry dog feeds. Wet dog foods are also packaged in steel cans.
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Some people hold the belief that dogs should eat similarly as the wild animals.Some people criticise this idea claiming that natural feeds harbor more unhealthy risks than manufactured feeds. Animal feeds need to be properly inspected by Government agencies and certified by them. It is a legal obligation that all animal feeds packages shall contain the weights of every ingredient used to prepare the feeds. The relevant government department involved has the power to recall all the stocks of animal feeds if they are found not to have met the required standards.

Dog food should be well balanced.Dog food should enhance a good body structure for the dog.Dog food should complement the dog’s skin, hair, and coat.
Dog food should be rich in fibre content. Foods rich in vitamins are right to increase a dog’s immunity.Vitamins promotes creation of red blood cells. White blood cells are raised by the help of Iron minerals found in dog feeds.

Some human feeds also forms a part of dog’s diet. Eggs, pumpkin, salmon, yogurt, fried chicken and peanut butter are among other human foods that are very nutritive to dogs. Dogs should be properly fed to ensure longer lives. In case the dog is allergic to some foods and a veterinary affirms so, the prescribed treatment should be fully adhered to. Dogs should be treated with dignity as they are,and have been part of human life for a very long time.The strong bond should be retained and man and dog will forever depend on each other.