Answering the Question of Affordability as it Relates to Renewable Energy

The idea of renewable energy, like wind and solar power, is something that is gaining a lot of momentum. However, as appealing as these options are for producing energy without using up natural resources, there are plenty of hurdles in place that are making renewable energy a major player in the energy sector. In fact, the thing that has made renewable energy more successful than ever before is also the thing that is holding it back. The check this out, a person simply needs to look at the basic reasons why renewable energy is more widely used.

The main culprit in the effectiveness of renewable energy, and its inability to break through are one and the same – technology. With the advent of wind driven electrical producing systems, as well as recent advancements in solar power, technology has made it possible for these alternative energy sources to provide significant amounts of power. In the past, these systems could only power individual homes or small communities. Advancing technology has made it possible for this type of energy production to be used on a much wider scale today.

However, lack of technological advances have kept this type of energy production extremely expensive. Most energy experts believe this is the only reason why renewable sources of energy aren’t being used in a broader sense today.

For example, the production of solar cells is one of the most expensive aspects of a system that provides solar power. The materials used in the average solar cell are extremely expensive. One way to mitigate these costs is to use less expensive materials. This must be done without compromising the effectiveness of solar cells to capture energy from the sun.

Fortunately, technology is advancing in this capacity and more common material, such as iron, is purported to have similar properties as more expensive materials used in the creation of solar cells. This one change could be enough to make solar energy more affordable, which would allow more people to use this type of technology to create usable energy.

It’s hard to believe that with the advancements and alternative energy that solutions haven’t emerged to make alternative energy more affordable. Thankfully, with a new initiative to make it more usable and affordable, new ways of constructing things such as solar cells may be the tipping point of bringing renewable energy to the masses.