Enriching science with computer software articles

  1. Enriching science with computer software articles

Computer software becomes a very important part of doing work using the computer. Office software helps us to do office work related to word processing documents, the graphic software helps us do image work, or multimedia software that helps us do multimedia work.

Currently, very much software circulating in the community both free and paid. In determining which software we will use, it is better to read the related computer software articles so as not to choose the wrong computer software. Read also: mobile app development

various types of software can be obtained according to our needs. For example, we can get word processing software such as Microsoft Office, Word pad, Open Office Writer, Corel Word perfect for writing needs. Or also Photoshop, Corel draw, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, for image design. It can also use Auto cad, SAP, Autodesk Revit Architecture for home or building design.

In addition, many other types of software that we can find in computer software articles such as software to play or create multimedia files, software to calculate, facial recognition software, and other software. If you looking for this software just to contacts us

Based on the license given, this software is divided into several types, namely:


  1. Freeware

Software with this freeware license we can get for free. Usually, software makers have made some provisions in advance for the use of software that we must obey.


  1. Shareware

Software with this shareware license we can use for free within a certain period. Usually, software with shareware license is part of the promotion by the software maker.


  1. Proprietary Software

To get this type of software we have to buy or pay license usage. Usually, software with this license is for professionals.


  1. Open Source

Open Source license software can be obtained for free. In addition, we can also change the existing facilities in the software in accordance with our wishes. In addition, we can also disseminate the software that we have changed it freely.