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Importance of Law

Law needs to be obeyed in every nation.When there is law, a country is able to live peacefully without problems. Laws in every region are created for their citizens to submit. Subsequently, there are various penalties also created for the non-observers of the law. In order for a country’s citizens to live in unity, there is need to obey the law. The following are the reasons why law is important in a society.

Law normally defends the nation from certain evils done by some crooked people. The rule of law is majorly concerned in protecting its people from the criminals. This is done by prosecuting the criminals in front of a court.In these courts, the criminals are judged and sentences are passed on those who prove to be guilty of an offense beyond any reasonable doubt.The sentences are different in terms of duration to be spent in jail ranging from a few days to sentence for life.

Community courts are also important for settling clashes among their members.Disputes always arise when many people live together as a family or in a community. Such local matters are resolved in the community level where they are more understood. Sometimes, a community may create the local laws in order to deal with the prevalent crimes.When such laws are in place, people will be discouraged from taking matters into their own hands since that is also punishable by law.

Peoples’ common good is protected in a nation where there is the rule of law.This is because people will always try to do the right thing when they know that there is punishment for wrongdoing. However, they would not be so much concerned about their deeds if there were no penalties.Therefore, just by the fact that there is law in place, people will tend to be careful in their deeds.The hand of the law which is invisible will keep them on track.

In addition, the law is very helpful in distribution of property among its people. Despite peoples status in the community, law brings equality to the society. The rule of law is very beneficial to the disabled since it gives them a platform to enjoy their rights. Therefore, there will be few or no cases of property fights since every member of the society will have their share.

To maintain peace in a country, laws are a must have. When law is enforced, people will always avoid conflicts. People do not love spending their life in jail hence they will maintain calmness.Law, therefore, encourages people to do the right things all the time. Additionally, moral laws are necessary for society.

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