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A Guide to Blog Topics That Men Typically Enjoy

Until just a few years ago in the great scheme of things, blogging was not a viable career choice. In today’s world, however, there are certain famous bloggers who make upwards of a million dollars every year! Thus, blogging has become immensely appealing. If you would like to begin a blog that men will like, but you don’t know what topic you ought to focus on, the rest of this article should provide you with some excellent ideas.

It is, however, important to note that not every man is interested in every stereotypically male topic. Prior to your new blog’s launch date, you will need to figure out exactly what demographic you’re targeting and what their interests really are. If, for instance, you are hoping to appeal to young men who are in the process of building their careers, letting them know how they can impress their supervisors and dress impeccably in the office are excellent ways to gain followers.

Think About Launching a Tech Blog
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Many, many men love tech gadgets. If you’d like to get quite a few followers in a short period of time, beginning a tech gear blog is likely to be your best option. There are a wide variety of things you could showcase on this sort of blog. Doing reviews of cutting edge tech products is, of course, a necessity, but you might also want to do interviews with start-up CEOs and event coverage at major releases.
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People Tend to Be Loyal to Their Fashion Blogs

Frequently, when people find a fashion blogger they like, they stick with him or her for years. If this is the type of blog you choose to launch, however, you should realize that your following might be fairly small for awhile. As time goes by, though, and you make a point of connecting your other social media accounts to your blog, you are likely to start checking more and more accomplishments off of your to-do list as a blogger.

Most men who follow style blogs want practical advice, not information about haute couture shows. You should make a point of planning your posts for each week ahead of time. One good idea is to have a feature, like “Workwear Wednesday,” that is the same on a weekly basis. This is one way to start putting together an actual brand.

These are not even close to all of the blog options that are out there. Spend some time researching successful bloggers who target men, then see what they’re doing to get followers. Best of luck on your new adventure!