The Reason for Culinary Business to be a Promising Business Opportunity Choice

  1. Huge and continuous market potential of Food

is a basic human need, meaning that every day people eat food and the incident is repeated. Repeated consumption is a huge market potential, thus creating tremendous demand, making the culinary business opportunity endless. In contrast to the business of electronic goods, for example. People usually wait a long time to collect money and buy it. And not necessarily he will buy it back in a year or two.

  1. Small capital Culinary business is a very

flexible, because it can be started from a small scale and affordable capital. The amount of food produced can be adjusted to the amount of capital owned, and can use the equipment owned in the kitchen. Therefore, a food business can be the most appropriate choice and alternative for those who want to start a business

  1. Various types of culinary business

has many variations, ranging from snacks, …